Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the link below to access our delivery form.

Please use this form only for restaurants and local stores we don't feature at kyscart.com.



About Ky's Cart

Ky's Cart is a locally owned restaurant delivery service helping restaurants and hungry customers connect.

From local delivery and takeout options to grocery delivery and more, we're here to help with all your local delivery needs.

What can we bring you?

Don't see the restaurant you're craving, need a non-food item delivered, or groceries? Now you can get almost anything delivered by accessing our easy to use delivery form, just click on the link above. Our mission is to serve the delivery needs of our customers, one order at a time. 

Do delivery drivers accept tips?

Yes, please tips your driver. Drivers work for delivery fees and tips. Thanks in advance!

How long will my delivery take?

Usually, your restaurant delivery should arrive within 30-60 minutes. However, delivery times are constantly changing depending on many factors and order volume. Please keep in mind that each cuisine or dish has a different prep time, as hot dishes take longer to make in comparison to a sandwich's prep time. Home football weekends, rush hour, and weather could prolong normal delivery times, especially during peak times. Please be patient, your driver will update you on the progress of your order.

I missed my delivery driver when my order arrived. Will Ky's Cart re-deliver the order?

Yes, we can re-deliver orders and understand that occassionally these type of situations arise. If the customer has been unavailable to accept a delivery on more than one occassion an extra delivery fee may be applied equal to or greater than the delivery charge on the order placed and not less than the original delivery charge. The extra charge is to compensate the delivery driver for their time and extra effort to re-deliver the order. If we are unable to deliver an order after several attempts there will be no refund. 

How do I add/delete options or customize a meal?

If the options you're seeking aren't available you can always customize your order by using the special request  box to type in the request or order specifics for each item. 

Examples: add bacon or no ice

There was a mistake with my order. What should I do?

Please call Ky's Cart at 1-517-920-9292 for issues with an order. Drivers are prohibited from opening bags and as a result Ky's Cart can not be held responsible for missing items or mistake orders. However, we serve restaurant customers and love it! Therefore, Ky's Cart will make an effort in good faith to resolve mistakes on our part with customers. Give us a call.

Is Kyscart.com a safe and secure site?

Yes, Kyscart.com's credit card processing encrypts your payment information to add another layer of protection for your personal information. Order on, its encrypted!

What is Kyscart.com's delivery area?

We serve greater East Lansing and the greater Lansing area.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery fees can range from $4.99 for the first 4 miles to $4.99 plus $1.00 per mile.

What's your favorite local restaurant?

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